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» Journal Issues » 2017 » Terminolohichnyi Visnyk (Terminological Bulletin) Issue 4 » Terms with the Component “Biblio” in the Branch Term System of Bibliography Studying

Terms with the Component “Biblio” in the Branch Term System of Bibliography Studying

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Terms with the Component “Biblio” in the Branch Term System of Bibliography Studying

Roksana Bilousova

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Assistant of Library Science and Bibliography Department, Ivan Franko National University of Lviv (Lviv, Ukraine)

e-mail: Biloysova@ukr.net

Title: Terms with the Component “Biblio” in the Branch Term System of Bibliography Studying

Rubric: Terminology of Linguistic and Related Sciences

Abstract: In the term system of bibliography studying, its construction and structuring the term with the component “biblio” is the most wide-spread, it originates from Greek and means “book”. The research outlines language peculiarities of bibliography studying terms with this component taking into account their structure and meaning. Term dictionaries were the source base for the research.
80 terminological collocations were studied, they contain the words bibliography and bibliographical. Every block of such terms has its lexicalsemantic groups and their structure can be the following: one-word terms (7), or they can consist of several lexemes (73). Thus, among the collocations with the words bibliography there were revealed seven semantic groups that denote the name of people according to their professional activity or other work they do, a scientific division, a subject, a process, a type and sort characteristic, a functional purpose of the term and names that inform about something (7 one-word terms and 12 terms as constituents of collocations). Only 3 three-component collocations with the noun bibliography were revealed. And the word bibliographical is the constituent of 34 two-word collocations, they were grouped into six lexicalsemantic groups as follows: totality of something, titles of course books, an analysis of an edition, specification of something, an action or a process, an activity or studying and a search type; and up to 24 three-word terminological collocations grouped into five groups, namely: totality of something, ordered totality, an activity or studying, a search type, kinds of bibliographical course books.
Thus, terminological word family with the word bibliography shows its peculiarity as for term meaning as being its core, and the adjective bibliographical supplement or concretize other terminological word families (bibliographical course book, bibliographical resource, bibliographical record, bibliographical indicator, bibliographical systematization) 

Keywords: the Ukrainian language, terminology, bibliography studying term, words with the component “biblio”. 


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