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Polisemous Terms in Ceramic Terminology

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Polisemous Terms in Ceramic Terminology

Olha Zolota

Information about the author:

PhD student of Ukrainian Language and Literature Department, Donbass State Pedagogical University (Sloviansk, Ukraine)

 e-mail: zolotolya@gmail.com.

 Title: Polisemous Terms in Ceramic Terminology

Rubric: Branch Terminology

Abstract: The article continues the collection of the author’s publications that devoted to studying of lexical-semantical peculiarities of Ukrainian terminology of ceramics.
The phenomenon of polysemy in terminology studied in his works Ukrainian and foreign scientists. Ukrainian ceramic terminology is also no exception for the research of this lexical-semantic process.
In the article attention is paid to finding out the causes of appearance of the meaningful terms of the researched vocabulary. The main factors of appearance of polisemantic units in the terminology of ceramic can be considered terminologization of common vocabulary, terminologization based on metonimical of and metaphorical transfers of meanings, savings the linguistic resources. As for being of the meaningful terms in terminology the thoughts of the researchers are polar divided. Exploring the ceramic vocabulary, note that should avoid the polisemantic terms, especially within one terminology system.
In the analyzed article outlined the types of meaningful units in ceramic terminology and the classification of the analyzed polisemantic words of the field of use, structure, morphological affiliation and origin.
There are three types of terminological polysemy of the field of use within the ceramic terminology: interconnect, interconnection and externally system polysemy. Polisemants of ceramic industry are mostly provided with one-word terms expressed derivative and non-derivative nouns for structural expression.
Ceramic terms-polisemants are separately analysed for the origin. Among them defined borrowed and specific (mostly at externally system polysemy) units.
During the study of meaningful terms of Ukrainian ceramics industry was found synonyms connections within polysemantic terms. Determined that synonyms phenomenon can occur in pairs of words where synonims variants of each other provided with specific and foreign language equivalents.
We consider the existence of possible polysemy of terms within the contiguous terminological systems, that can be a means of saving language resources, and deny the possibility of using the same term for different concepts within the same terminology.

 Keywords: ceramic Ukrainian terminology polisemantшс word, polysemy of ceramic terms, meaningful  term, metaphorization of language units, terminologization of general vocabulary.


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