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» Journal Issues » 2017 » Terminolohichnyi Visnyk (Terminological Bulletin) Issue 4 » Peculiarities of Economics Terms Usage in Modern Electronic Mass Media

Peculiarities of Economics Terms Usage in Modern Electronic Mass Media

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Peculiarities of Economics Terms Usage in Modern Electronic Mass Media

Halyna Chornovol

Information about the author: PhD Philology, Associate Professor of Teaching Methods, Style and Culture of Ukrainian Language Department, Cherkassy National University named after B. Khmelnytsky (Cherkassy, Ukraine)

e-mail: G_Chornovol@ukr.net.

Title: Peculiarities of Economics Terms Usage in Modern Electronic Mass Media

Rubric: Functional and Cognitive Terminology

Abstract: Economics terminology occupies a high position among the specialized terminologies. Economics terminology very often used in both professional and unprofessional media texts because it serves the modern Ukrainian social sphere.
One of the main features of the economics terms functioning in modern electronic resources are variation of their content, appearance of additional connotative meaning and consequently change of the value evaluation scale, so that raises the question of the compliance of one of the main requirements for the term ― stylistic neutrality.
The purpose of this article is to elucidate the features of the economics term using in the electronic mass media. In most cases the assessment of one or another phenomenon is clearly focused on the needs of the recipient.
According to the terminological field theory (according to O.O. Reformatsky) the economics term can be properly and thoroughly explained in the economics paradigm when it place in the hierarchy of similar values is known. Therefore, in typical or atypical context, it can perform its function only if its affiliation with economics terminology is known.
At this stage of the journalistic style development in the electronic mass media a number of both Ukrainian origin and borrowing the economics terms actively operates. There are two most general groups: terms used in the literal sense, that is, in it nominative and definitive functions and terms used figuratively, with acquired emotional and expressive coloring.
Based on the fact that the main field of the terms usage is the area of functioning, the terms often acquire connotative coloring due to their combination with non-specific context or with general vocabulary. Most researchers of the special vocabulary emphasize that sometimes requirement of emotional and expressive term neutrality in practice not realized.
For the economics term is not a prerequisite of communication barriers due to lack of understanding of its essence by recipient it should consider the obstacles that arise in the way of understanding in the process of communication. The semantic background of the economics term should be analyzed. It should be noted that there is the relation between the nature of semantization, degree of usage, “popularity” of the economics term and the need for its interpretation.
Modern media, especially electronic, in our opinion, is one of the main social factors that form a stereotypical perception of the world in the mind of the recipient. It is important for the author to create an oriented “intellectual portrait of the audience” and to select appropriate language facilities for the thoughts expression.
The specific features of the modern text of the electronic media are combination of the economics term with elements of spoken language, shoptalk, and sometimes with vulgarisms, barbarisms and slang for creating stylistic contrast. Quite frequently, there is an occasional and associative using of the economics terms to increase the expressivity of the text. Occasionalism which is formed by using the special unit becomes more accessible and understandable. These neologisms influence on the reader, and furthermore they confirm the author’s position on the object or phenomenon in question.
Consequently, in most cases the appropriateness of the economics term usage explained by the need to have effective influence on the general reader. The leading trend of the economics terms usage in the modern electronic mass media is a combination of elements from different styles that as much as possible promote mutual understanding between the author and the recipient by means of electronic text.

Keywords: economic term, determinologization, semantic changes, occasionalisms.


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