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Martyrious Galyn First Ukrainian Composer of Medical Dictionary (1856-1943)

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Martyrious Galyn First Ukrainian Composer of Medical Dictionary (1856-1943)

Liudmyla Symonenko

Information about the author: PhD Philology, Professor, Leading Researcher of the Ukrainian Language and Information Fund of NAS of Ukraine (Kyiv, Ukraine)

e-mail: turterm@bigmir.net.

Title: Martyrious Galyn First Ukrainian Composer of Medical Dictionary (1856-1943)

Rubric: Terminography and Practice of Compiling Branch Dictionaries

Abstract: The article is devoted to the activities of the doctor of medicine, the chief surgeon of the Kiev Military Hospital, the head of natural-medical and later of the medical section of the Ukrainian Scientific Society in Kyiv, the head of the Terminological Committee, the redactor of the first medical dictionaries, whose name for some time had been forgotten in Ukraine. After Ukraine gained its independency and the access to the special repository was opened, the figure of
M. Halyn, who has made a significant contribution to becoming and development of Ukrainian scientific terminology was able to be learned.
After tsar’s government having weakened the prohibition of the Ukrainian language in Eastern Ukraine in 1907 the Ukrainian Scientific Society in Kyiv was founded headed by M. Hrushevskiy, whose goal was to develop terminology and popularize the knowledge of the Ukrainian language. One of the first members of this society was M. Halyn.
In 1908 the natural-medical section headed by M. Halyn was developed from this society. At his suggestion all scientific reports in the section were presented in Ukrainian, the first was M. Halyn’s report “The simulations in surgery.” He is considered to be the first author of scientific works about surgery published in Ukrainian.
Since the first publication of scientific works the development of Ukrainian scientific terminology was needed. This question M. Halyn includes for the discussions in the section, urging colleagues to work on collecting the terminology and creating the dictionaries. He was one of the most active creators of Ukrainian medical terminology. Fragments of his dictionary “The Ukrainian medical terminology” first were published in 1918 in the journal Medical news. The first “Russian-Ukrainian Medical Dictionary. Materials for the Ukrainian medical terminology” was published in 1920, edited by M. Halyn.
Due to some political reasons (the defeat of Ukrainian liberation movement)
M. Halyn being a member of this movement was forced to emigrate to Bessarabia, where he continued to work on the Ukrainian medical terminology.
In 1926 Prague he published “The Medical Latin-Ukrainian Dictionary” edited by B. Matyushenko and doctor V. Nalivayko. In the preface to the dictionary M. Halyn presented the views of Ukrainian doctors about the place of national terminology and the general principles and rules of creation the terms in different languages. Scientific and practical work of the scientist and the doctor was focused on establishing a new Ukrainian medicine and creating terms to describe medical concepts.

Keywords: scientific terminology, medical term, Ukrainian Scientific Society, medical dictionary.


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