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Dictionary of Ukrainian Logistics Terms: Formation of Register

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Dictionary of Ukrainian Logistics Terms: Formation of Register

Halyna Karpenko

Information about the author: Senior Methodologist of National Transport University (Kyiv, Ukraine)

e-mail: galina_karpenko@bk.ru

Title: Dictionary of Ukrainian Logistics Terms: Formation of Register

Rubric: Terminography and Practice of Compiling Branch Dictionaries

Abstract: Logistics is a new branch of economic that grows quickly not only in highly developed countries but also in Ukraine, despite the difficult economic situation. Our science feels changes in economic life, so we can notice the large number of works on logistics, attention to the study of this discipline in universities, the emergence of numerous books for the educational process and so on. But still this important area of the economy is not presented lexicographically and vocabularies and glossaries of logistics don’t meet modern requirements to lexicographical product for at least two reasons: first, they don’t reflect the amount of industry terminology; secondly, they have many disadvantages so linguists criticize them.
Expert-author has formulate principles of composing own dictionary, we mean previous, external parameters of dictionary’s composition. These parameters consist of special vocabulary (descriptive subject). During finding terms of logistics we’ll match focus primarily on the monograph, dissertation research, scientific articles on logistics, as well as numerous textbooks containing vocabulary and logistics glossary of terms. The peculiarity of the group of terms is that it contains many lexemes borrowed from other terminological systems. Donors of logistic terminology are management, marketing, accounting, pricing, international relations, transport, science, technology, engineering, law, mathematics, military affairs, trade, customs, paperwork terminology. Terminology of logistics also contains general scientific terms. Many of the term are nominations ontologically inherent events to logistics.
Terminographic analysis of the fragment which belongs to terminological field with a base term логістика objectifies system connections in this group of terms and will give the opportunity for further draw up the definition of such entries to these lexemes which fully correspond to their concepts.

Keywords: term, logistics, dictionary of logistics terms, register dictionary.


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