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» Journal Issues » 2019 » Terminolohichnyi Visnyk, (Terminological Bulletin) Issue 5 » Ukrainian Verbs-Terms and Professionalisms in Slavic Parallels

Ukrainian Verbs-Terms and Professionalisms in Slavic Parallels

Yuliia Romaniuk

Information about the author: candidate of Philological Sciences, Senior Researcher of Lexicology, Lexicography and Structural and Mathematical Linguistics Department of the Ukrainian Language Institute of NAS of Ukraine

e-mail: Ju.romaniuk@ gmail.com.

Title: Ukrainian Verbs-Terms and Professionalisms in Slavic Parallels

Rubric: Theory and History of Terminology Slavic Terminology

Language: Ukrainian

Abstract: Globalization processes inevitably influence the terminology of the Ukrainian and other Slavic languages, causing changes in their vocabulary. N.F. Klymenko wrote about inter-language and interlingual migration of terms: first is revealed in the inter-stylistic use of them (and this, according to the scientist, contributes to the specialization of their meanings), in terminating and determinating; and interlingual – in expanding the fund of internationalism. A few years ago, a new branch was created, which took a niche between computer science and finance – the so-called FinTech (Financial Technologies). The subject of it was everything concerning the creation and circulation of cryptocurrency (digital coins, virtual currency). Terminology in this field, at first English, was borrowed from mining. These terms have been metaphorized and neosemantized, moved from one terminology system to another and began to mean the extraction of cryptocurrency using special devices (not only computers). In the Ukrainian language, due to the interference effect, direct borrowing was fixed: майнінг, майнер and adapted borrowing, formed with the help of a specific Ukrainian verbal suffix, mainyty. Another feature of terminology in this field was metaphorization and neosemanticization of specific terms of mining such as dobuvaty and vydobuty. They also began to mean the production of cryptocurrency, however, in order for the term of the mining to be the term FinTeh, it should be clarified by adding the term криптовалюта, біткоїн (or another type of digital currency, for example, Zcash). Similar processes took place in the Polish, Russian and Belarussian languages.

N.F. Klуmenko, referring to the necessity of categorizing many concepts in linguistics, outlined a matrix of terms as one which is formed by semantically close units. The anlysis of a nest of terms, which includes the verbs майнити, wydobywać, mainyt and mainyts is the purpose of this article.

Keywords: nest of terms, professionalism, Slavic languages, term, Ukrainian language, verb.


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