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» Journal Issues » 2019 » Terminolohichnyi Visnyk, (Terminological Bulletin) Issue 5 » Terms–Aspectual Synonyms in the Cognitive Space of Language

Terms–Aspectual Synonyms in the Cognitive Space of Language

Ievheniia Karpilovska

Information about the author: Doctor of Philological Sciences, Professor, Head of Lexicology, Lexicography and Structural and Mathematical Linguistics Department of the Ukrainian Language Institute of NAS of Ukraine

e-mail: karpilovska@gmail.com

Title: Terms–Aspectual Synonyms in the Cognitive Space of Language

Rubric: Theory and History of Terminology Slavic Terminology

Language: Ukrainian

Abstract: The article deals with the Ukrainian linguistic terms – aspectual synonyms. They are considered as a kind of conceptual synonyms that have common or different features of the same concept. Groups of homogeneous aspectual synonyms which form facets in the cognitive space of contemporary Ukrainian linguistic terminological system are determined as well as groups of heterogeneous aspectual synonyms, which are organized into clusters. The operational function of such synonyms for the forming of classes of equivalents of one- and multi-lingual terms in the informational-retrieval language of the keywords of the Base of the World Slavic Linguistics iSybislaw is emphasized.

Determination of certain feature in the cognitive structure of multilingual terms creates the base for revealing the degree of their content closeness and the validity for the inclusion of terms-keywords to the certain classes of equivalence in the information-retrieval language of iSybislaw. The determination of common cognitive features for terms in different languages enables the structuring of their classes of equivalents in the iSybislaw system and, therefore, to organize searching of information within certain facets of aspectual synonyms within such classes; to search equivalents to foreign linguistic terms with the same features of the nomination concept common for them in certain national linguistic traditions.

The analysis of aspectual synonyms in the contemporary Ukrainian linguistic terminological system will provide a solid basis for studying the state and perspectives of understanding the linguistic concepts which today are in the focus of attention and active work of specialists, as well as to find their links with the nominations of the same concepts in other languages and the forming of classes of equivalents for the language of the keywords of the iSybislaw system. Such structuring of the classes of equivalents on the basis of the commonality of the features of multi-lingual coreferential terms will help to optimize the searching of information in the database of system iSybislaw, as well as to create on its basis a new thesaurus of Slavic linguistic terminology as a hypertext system.

Keywords: Ukrainian language, cognitive space of language, term, synonymy, aspectual synonyms, semantic identity, semantic closeness.


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