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» Journal Issues » 2019 » Terminolohichnyi Visnyk, (Terminological Bulletin) Issue 5 » Terminological Polysemy in the Prose by Mariya Matios

Terminological Polysemy in the Prose by Mariya Matios

Liudmyla  Marchuk

Information about the author: Doctor of Philological Sciences, Professor, Ivan Ohiienko National University of Kamianets-Podilskyi

e-mail: lyudmyla_marchuk@mail.ru.

Title: Terminological Polysemy in the Prose by Mariya Matios

Rubric: Term in Text

Language: Ukrainian

Abstract: The article is one of the attempts to analyze the linguistic features of modern Ukrainian female prose. Despite the fact that in recent decades literary scholars have revealed some important features of the works of this genre, the language of feminine prose remains poorly understood. The obtained results supplemented the information about the general patterns of the use of terminological vocabulary in the artistic text. In the article, we distinguish the main ways of using terminology as an artistic means of language of Ukrainian writers. The urgency of the topic of scientific research is determined by the increased attention to the genres of contemporary women’s prose and the creation of a separate term “female prose”. A thorough linguistic study of the language of Ukrainian novels by Mariya Matios will help to understand the influence of science and technology on the fiction language of the 21st century. Creative individual and author’s use of terms by an artist is the reflection of the main characteristic processes not only in the language of fiction, but also in the whole contemporary commonly used language.

Scientific and technical terminology is at the present stage the leading place in the enrichment of expressive means of language, therefore, in our work, we highlight some of the most relevant aspects. First of all, from the standpoint of styles interaction the modern Ukrainian language, since terminology is a product of scientific style. The study of the place and functions of terminological vocabulary in the language of Ukrainian prose deserves attention also in terms of stylistics of artistic speech. It is important to establish certain regularities in the gradual development of the terms of modern prose – from their use in the literal sense to full inclusion in the artistic text, use in the form of tropes.

The work will contribute to further study of the functional and stylistic features of the terminological vocabulary in prose, to reveal the main characteristic processes not only in the prose text, but also in the modern universal language.

Keywords: terminological vocabulary, polysemy, synonymy, hyper-hyponymic relations.


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