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» Journal Issues » 2019 » Terminolohichnyi Visnyk, (Terminological Bulletin) Issue 5 » Fishing Vocabulary in Ukrainian Scientists Researches

Fishing Vocabulary in Ukrainian Scientists Researches

Roman Minyailo

Information about the author: Candidate of Philological Sciences,

e-mail: roman298@gmail.com

Title: Fishing Vocabulary in Ukrainian Scientists Researches

Rubric: Natural Sciences

Language: Ukrainian

Abstract: Fishery culture had a huge impact on the development of mankind and was reflected in all spheres of material and spiritual culture, as shown by the insightful works of fishing vocabulary of scientists of different generations.

At the end of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries the popular names of fish are systematized in the southwestern dialect (I. Verhratsky); the Hutsul fishery nomenclature with description and drawings of realities is represented (V. Shukhevych); valuable material on fishing in Poltava region with detailed description of each instrument and technological features of fishing (V. Vasilenko) is collected; The Ukrainian vocabulary of fishing in Dobrudja (F. Vovk), the Lower Dnipro region (D. Yavornytsky) is reproduced. In the first half of the twentieth century On Fishery Terminology of the village Dufinka in Odesa Region (1928) by B. Yurkivsky was the exploration in the lexicological aspect.In the second half of the twentieth century the Ukrainian Black Sea fishing terms in their historical development were covered by O. Gorbach. During this period Dictionary of dialects of the Ukrainian dialects of the Odessa region by A. Moskalenko (1958), in which the regional and local fishery terms occupied a prominent place; a lexicographic work by A. Berlusius The vocabulary of the fishing of the Ukrainian dialects of the Lower Podnistrova  (1959), which contains numerous set phrasal combinations in the speech of fishermen; a study Place of fishing vocabulary of the Middle Dnieper in the vocabulary of the Ukrainian language by G. Tarasenko (1961) were also published. The most extensive material is found in dissertation Fishery vocabulary in Ukrainian dialects of the Lower Dnieper (1993) by I. Lipkevich. The second half of the twentieth century saw such important scientific works as ones by V. Kolomiets from the ichthyological nomenclature, where historical-geographical data and linguistic considerations was used in a complex way; scientific works by E. Motuzenko, where lexical-semantic and historical-etymological aspects of the fishery terminology of the North-Western Black Sea region is analyzed; works by G. Khalimonenko, who thoroughly investigated borrowings from Turkic languages into the Ukrainian vocabulary of fishing. Besides the famous lexicographic heritage of Professor V. Chabanenko, his ethnographic works are very valuable, in which the scientist described in detail the structure and method of the use of some fishing gear in the lower reaches of the Dnieper, which allowed the researcher to immerse in the inner form of names.Analyzed scientific studies enable a further integrated approach to the study of both the history of the formation of fishing names and the history of the formation of their semantic structure.Keywords: fishing researches, material and spiritual Ukrainian culture, fishing vocabulary, fishing etymons.References

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