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Language of Modern Advertising

Iryna Kolesnikova

Information about the author: Doctor of Philological Sciences, Professor of Business Linguistics Department, Kyiv National Economic University named after Vadym Hetman

e-mail: macar.chervechek@ukr.net.

Title: Language of Modern Advertising

Rubric: Terminology of Social and Economic Sciences

Language: Ukrainian

Abstract: Professional language is a universal tool of specialists’ communication. Every professional language has its specificity at different levels. They are terminology, genre features of texts, ethics of professional communication etc. However, none of these languages can be an antagonist of literary language.

Violation of the standards of literary language, intellectual imbalance between the advertiser’s IQ and the consumer, the existence of negative connotations and emotions, failure to reach advertiser’s intentions; unsuccessful linguistic design of advertising product, violation of ethics of communication with the client; failed branding; inappropriate neologisms; wrong semantics towards words of foreign origin, famous to place names, onyms, dubious creativity are typical features of language.

The specialist in language of advertising (“lingvoreklamist”) is an expert in the language of copywriting. His professional occupation allows not only to make professional re-branding and to find both linguistic and intellectual mistakes in an advertising text, but also to find a name for the company or institution according to their specialty. It means that he work as trouble-shooter in order to make advertising product of high quality.

Keywords: linguoreklamistics, language of modern copywriting, advertising text, advertising product, branding, re-branding, professional language, troubleshooting.


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