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» Journal Issues » 2019 » Terminolohichnyi Visnyk, (Terminological Bulletin) Issue 5 » Synonyms in musical terminology (on the material of Dictionary of Musical Terms (project) published in 1930)

Synonyms in musical terminology (on the material of Dictionary of Musical Terms (project) published in 1930)

Iryna  Samoilova

Information about the author: Candidate of Philological Sciences, Senior Researcher of Lexicology, Lexicography and Structural and Mathematical Linguistics Department of the Ukrainian Language Institute of NAS of Ukraine.

e-mail :irysamo- jlova@ukr.net.

Title: Synonyms in musical terminology (on the material of Dictionary of Musical Terms (project) published in 1930)

Rubric: Terminography theory and practice of compiling branch dictionaries

Language: Ukrainian

Abstract: The article discusses the synonymous lines of the Ukrainian terms on the material of Dictionary of Musical Terms (Project) published in 1930. Scientists fix musical vocabulary in the monuments of the Old East Slavic language. But the formation of the actual Ukrainian scientific musical terminology is associated with the 16th – 18th centuries. Dictionary of Musical Terms (Project) published in 1930 is the first collection of the Ukrainian musical terms. The dictionary contains terms on the theory and history of music, harmony, instrumentation, musical pedagogy, old church music.

The Dictionary body consists of four sections. In the Russian-Ukrainian section of the dictionary, the Ukrainian equivalents are most fully represented. Foreign terms and national terms may correspond to one Russian heading term. Both single-word equivalents and term combinations can correspond to the dictionary heading single-word term.  In the article, groups of synonymous lines were selected, which consist of national terms or combination of national and foreign terms.

If to consider their structure, synonymous lines are formed by single-word terms, term combinations, single-word terms and term combinations. The Ukrainian terms are extracted from 43 sources: dictionaries, magazines, works of composers, musicologists and folklorists. Many terms are characterized by reduction of source. Of particular interest are the neoplasms represented in the dictionary. The neoplasms are marked by letter N.

Keywords: musical terminology, synonymic terms, foreign terms, national terms, single-word equivalents, term combinations.


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